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Unique Wedding Dance


Wedding First Dance

Bring brilliance and entertainment to you Wedding First Dance.  Impress your guests, enhance your photos, connect with your partner, be absolutely present in the love you share.

Unique Wedding Dance offers years of experience working with many couples bringing out each one’s unique personality in a performance that will not only impress your guests, but bring you and your partner even closer.

Everyone is different, everyone is unique.  We help you choose the perfect song and then we choreograph your unique wedding dance.

We will help you create a beautiful first dance for you and your partner.

We will make sure that you feel totally comfortable and at ease with all the steps and timing etc,  so that on the big day itself you wont have to worry about this and your bespoke wedding dance will flow like a dream.

Contact us to find out how we can help you make this come true..


What makes us different ?

Incredibly fun, top quality dance lessons for beginners and beyond

Super-friendly, comfortable atmosphere, stress-free, no attitudes

25 years experience proudly teaching dance to all

Guaranteed value  – Learn to dance and love it

Experts at personalising dance lessons to meet the diverse needs of every couple

A one of a kind atmosphere – Learn to dance for your wedding and beyond

Martina has been teaching people from all backgrounds to be comfortable, composed and confident on the dance floor.

So come and learn your Wedding First Dance with us!  We promise to welcome you with open arms.

Bring your first song if you have chosen one, and learn the specific dance(s) that will work for your song or we will help you choose a song.  you may also want to learn what to do for the ‘parents’ dances or for other music you’ll be enjoying at the wedding.


A 5 hour dance lesson is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted to learn to dance with your partner.

  • You desire a dance that is custom crafted to your musical style and personal taste

  • You would like to look natural, stay relaxed, comfortable and confident together, like you’ve been dancing for a long time

  • You envision a simple yet fun and flexible routine, not fully choreographed

  • You care to create a wonderful dance experience & long-lasting memories for you, your partner and your guests

  • You want to connect with your partner and not feel awkward on your first dance by having steps , tools , tips & tricks yo fall back on .

  • You want to learn how to move with grace and comfort for your guests as well as capture fun & romantic pictures for your photographer.

With 5-hour wedding dance package you will learn our signature program “Partner Flow” which consists of an elegant entrance, a foundation of 8 positions – fun basics intertwined with exciting patterns, spins and turns, and a grand finale with a big dip or even a lift!


A 1 hour dance lesson is for you if:

  • You would like to learn a few basic moves and not feel stuck with or restricted to just slow dancing on your special day

  • You have limited resources for your wedding first dance

  • You don’t want a lot of moves or choreography but a few simple tips of tricks not to feel uncomfortable.

  • You’ve run out of time & the wedding is coming up quick .

Typically in a 1 hour wedding dance lesson – you will learn an elegant entrance, simple moves, a few fun twirls and a big dip.


A 20 hour dance lesson is for you if:

  • You want an absolutely stunning performance and stress-free preparation time

  • You would like to learn more advanced & unique patterns, dance styles and flairs that will be remembered long after your wedding first dance

  • You would like to learn body isolations, Cuban motion and Contra body movement.

  • You would like yo learn useful techniques and stretches that will help you improve your posture , poise & presence & look amazing on the dance floor

  • You want dancing together in preparation for your wedding day to be a romantic, stress-relieving activity that will bring joy and help you relax during a busy and often stressful time.

  • You have more than one song or dance style to work on

  • You saw an inspiring video from a movie, ”Dancing with the stars” show or YouTube and you would like to replicate it

  • You wish to work on solo movement and partner dancing to the rest of the music that will be played the night of your wedding to bring even more fun to the dance floor.

  • You want to create a long-lasting, healthy, extremely emotionally, mentally and physically beneficial hobby for you and your partner

  • You want to strengthen the bond with your partner and learn how to create more playful, adventurous, joyful and fun time together.

With 20-hour wedding dance package you will master our signature program “Partner Flow” which will include elegant entrance, vast knowledge of 8 positions derived from Latin and Ballroom dancing – fun basics intertwined with exciting patterns, prodigious and captivating moves, spins and turns, shines & flairs and a grand finale with a breathtaking dip or lift. In addition to that and based on your desires and preferences, you will gain deeper knowledge and understanding of specific styles (Salsa, Tango, Mambo, Waltz, Swing, Hip Hop…)


A 10 hour dance lesson is for you if:

  • You desire a fully choreographed routine which will “wow” your guests for years to come

  • You want your learning experience to be more smooth, relaxing and enjoyable by having multiple times to learn & practice

  • You would like to create a regular dance date leading up to the wedding

  • You have more than one song or dance style you would like to learn

  • You have a lot to work with in regards to heels & dress

  • You would like to replicate a part of the video you saw (in a movie, “Dancing with the stars” show, on YouTube etc.)

  • You would like to add some stretching to bring together breath, stillness and connection during a very busy and often stressful time

  • You appreciate in depth understanding of partner connection and find desirable tools that will help you dance in the future: not just at your wedding but at other weddings, parties & even a date night out !

  • You are interested in the teachings of body and love languages in motion – a program to bring forth tools to enhance a loving, and enriching marriage to last the rest of your lives.

  • You don’t have much time to practice at home so you need as many lessons as possible

With 10-hour wedding dance package you will learn our signature program “Partner Flow” which consists of elegant entrance, deeper knowledge of 8 positions – fun basics intertwined with exciting patterns, more complex and captivating moves, spins and turns, shines & flairs and a grand finale with a big dip or lift.


Private wedding Dance Lessons

Personal dance instruction is a streamlined and customized way to learn for your wedding. In a private lesson, you receive the full attention of your instructor. Whether you want to learn a choreographed first dance or basic steps and patterns, your teacher will design the lessons based on your requests, needs, dance experience, and learning styles.

Move at your own pace

You will get the detailed instruction and help you want to gain the skills you need to feel confident for your first dance at your wedding. You will learn enough to allow you to look and feel natural and spontaneous; you’ll learn the secrets of leading and following smoothly; you’ll experience the fun and romance of partner dancing, and you’ll leave with a sense of relief and triumph.

Your own music choice

Bring your first song if you’ve chosen one, and learn the specific dance(s) that will work for your song or we will help you choose a song. You may also want to learn what to do for the “parents’ dances” or for other music you’ll be enjoying at the wedding.


The most common Wedding Dance Questions:

  • What style of dance should we learn for the song we chose? Couples dance to all kinds of contemporary music and classics. We can help you choose the right dance or mix of dances which may turn out to be a Foxtrot, Swing, Cha Cha, Rumba, Waltz, or something completely different. You can choose your dance style based on either your song, or by the amount of time you want to devote to learning and vision you have for your wedding dance.

  • Should we choreograph our dance? You don’t have to memorize a “routine.” You will surprise yourself with how easy it is to look polished with a simple repertoire of moves with no memorization of sequences. We don’t want you to look stiff, like deers in the headlights while your guests stare at you. If you have more time and what something more complex, then you can have a beautifully choreographed wedding dance.

  • Can we dance to something really different? Absolutely! If it has a beat, we can teach you to dance to it. Your first dance is a unique expression of you, and you don’t need to to fit any mold. You want to love your dance!


The Bride and her Besties Dance Party

Hey Bride, wanna shake things up on your big day?  Want to continue the fun and laughs all the way through to your wedding reception?  Then this package is for you!  Show off the ladies in your bridal party with a fun and fabulous routine that will wow your groom & your wedding guests!  Clients have told us this was a brilliant way to create bonds between their bridesmaids as they worked & played together towards a common (yet hysterically fun) goal.  You’re guaranteed to feel closer than ever to your bestie’s when you join together & perform on your wedding day!


The Groom & his Guys Dance Lesson

This one is for you Groom!  Do you want to show off your skills like only you & your crew can do? Would you like to surprise your bride & bring the house down with some good laughs? Would you like to have a fun night out before your wedding with your groomsmen & pseudo-boy-band-friends?

Wedding Entourage Dance Lesson – ‘Flashmob’

Bride and Groom – Would you like to get all your crew together for a fun night out dancing, laughing and connecting before the wedding so that everything flows better the day of? 

Would you like to surprise your guests with a fun dance routine to get the party started? 

Would you like to be more polished and organized when it comes to introducing your wedding party? 

Martina Boksova

Martina is a dance professional who is trained in various dance styles.  Her style of teaching radiates passion and enthusiasm while showing truly unique choreography with her creative and energetic flair.  As a very patient dance teacher  & choreographer Martina loves working with couples in the run up to their big day.



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